Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thankful Thursdays

Some days it's hard to be thankful...and in my struggle to be thankful it makes me realize how blessed I actually am! This has been a long week. After an impromptu trip to DC last weekend to play the role of "big sister" and "wedding organizer" I just have had trouble getting my feet under me again. I've had lots of contractions (which the doctor assures me are not doing anything and are totally fine), and I'm just tired. I think the weather and my husband's work schedule are contributing to this overall yucky feeling as well.

Murray has a runny nose and that means he's tired and a long day home alone with him is hard on everyone...even the other kids are struggling to play with him this week!

Nick's going to be gone this weekend, we have the confirmation banquet on Sunday night, normal work days Monday and Tuesday and then we're leaving for a week.

The mom to mom sale is approaching as well as a baby shower for my big sister.

All of this is just feeling like it's piling on me...I know this doesn't sound very thankful...

Sometimes we just need an attitude adjustment!

All of my complaints are blessings! I was able to spend 2 full days with my little sister helping her prepare for her wedding! We were able to hang out, talk, and not chase after my kids! We ran errands, tied bows, and watched a movie to relax together!!! I think it's been 5 years since I've had time with her like that...and I can't even begin to imagine when it's going to happen again! (Plus we ate Chipotle, a craving I've had since January!)

My baby is fine! Yes my body is showing the wear and tear of multiple pregnancies, and multiple pregnancies with large babies...but it's doing its job! My body is running the marathon well and the baby is healthy! All these contractions mean labor will occur when the time is right!
(it also means I'll be used to it by then...maybe).

My husband is blessed with an amazing job,and amazing youth! What a joy to see youth confirmed into the faith each spring. I can only hope that the large amount of time he is committing to them now will help them feel connected to the youth group and they will continue on their walk with God as they enter high school. It's such a difficult time in life and there's so much that can change. I pray that the one thing that remains constant for these kids is their faith...I don't know how one can get through life without it!

Murray is a great kid! Even when he's sick there are moments he makes us laugh...his pressing the limits have been showing me lately the need to parent constantly and consistently...the things he teaches us are amazing!

The mom to mom sale is is...I just need to get to that day!

My big sister is having a baby! I am going to have a niece! Really...I can't wait to celebrate that with a party for her! I'm so excited for her to experience the joys of motherhood (and share in the difficulties...although I'm convinced her child is going to be constantly clean and calm...then she'll just think I'm even more crazy!)

So as I said before...attitude adjustments are great! You can turn complaints into thanksgivings without much more than some thought and a few prayers. Even though I'm tired and I'm sure that won't change...I get to go on vacation with my family next week and share in a great moment of joy at the wedding, and then my first baby girl will turn 5!! But that's something to be thankful for another time!

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