Saturday, March 26, 2011


Nick's out of town this weekend at the confirmation retreat.
This leaves me home with my 2 little monkeys with lots of time on our hands.
Thankfully we had lots of fun things to do and the
kids have been wonderful helpers.

Lucy had a tea party to go to for a friend's birthday this afternoon, and the invite instructed her to "wear her best tea apparel" Well, for Lucy that meant her flower girl dress from last spring.

She had a great time and when she came home I couldn't refuse snapping a few pictures...they do her no justice and she looked even cuter spinning around the house, I just didn't get the camera out fast enough! After taking Lucy's picture Murray insisted I get one of him...can't believe it, but it's true! Maybe we're leaving the camera shy phase behind? Not sure...but a mom can hope!


  1. The gloves are darling, the glasses divine! Hi Murray! :)

  2. Those pics are all great. Lucy looks adorable and about 5 yrs older. :)