Thursday, March 3, 2011

Do Not Read Unless You're A Parent or Like Poop

This morning Murray calls to me from the bathroom for help.
I go...knowing he probably pooped and needs his bottom wiped.
When I get there he's standing up looking at a HUGE poop in the toilet...
"Mommy, it's a really big one! It's like a submarine or a ROCKET! Yeah, it's a rocket poop!"
blast off noises follow this statement.
I congratulate him on his "rocket poop"
He says to me:
"Mommy, don't look at my privacy, my rocket poop is my privacy!"

Well, at least he's learning some form of modest from his sister who throws him out
of the bathroom while she's going screaming "don't look at my privacy Murray!"

It was just too much fun not to share...I hope I didn't offend you!


  1. No offense here! :)
    Sounds like something George would say.

  2. awesome. :) congrats on the rocket poop, Murray! :)