Friday, December 24, 2010


I haven't posted in a few weeks. Mostly we've been busy with the holidays, the kids and company.

Nick's parents visited and while they were here Lucy, Nick, and his dad braved the weather to head down to Ford Field in Detroit and watch the Lions and Packers play. They had a great time...even though the Packers lost. Lucy was able to go down on the field and run in for a touchdown after the game and a host of other memories were overall it was a successful outing.

We also were able to visit the Henry Ford Museum and see the new George Washington Carver exhibit. It was quite an enjoyable day to share something fun in our area with Nick's parents. The museum was decorated for Christmas and had trains set up and a few other activities for the kids to do which made it especially special for them.

My favorite part was listening to the reading of "The Polar Express" in a train car that has only been opened to the public once before. It is the train that carried President Hoover from Detroit to the depot now at Greenfield Village where he then took other transportation the last half mile to the entrance of the museum for it's grand opening. The train was only used that one time and the detail and beauty was exquisite! It was quite a treat for me to see and fun to imagine what taking a train ride would have been like in the 1920's. The man explained that the museum opened the week before Wall Street fell and the great depression began, so most likely, riding in the train and attending the museum opening was the last extravagant affair Hoover would have had during his presidency.

We also went shopping and did a few holiday activities including watching Lucy in her preschool Christmas performance. Nick did videotape it, and maybe next week when things have calmed down we'll get some footage up. She knew all the songs and was excited to sing and belt them out! She looked beautiful!

Overall it was a great trip and we enjoyed our time with them. We sure do wish all the grandparents all lived closer, but the visits are definitely nice.

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  1. the train car thing sounds really interesting. i'll be looking forward to seeing lucy sing. :) merry christmas