Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thankful Thursdays

Today I am thankful for pajamas! It's great to be able to stay in them ALL DAY LONG! and get a few things done of course. As these winter days get shorter and colder and I am not leaving my house unless absolutely necessary, my children and I are finding ourselves staying warm and happy in our pj's for longer and longer durations. On Monday we actually changed Murray from one set of pajamas into another at bedtime.

I feel wonderfully blessed to have a warm cozy house, a warm cozy bed, and warm cozy pajamas. Mine are retired work out clothes...over the years through multiple pregnancies I haven't yet "splurged" to resupply my sleep attire. I have however added to my workout my retired yoga pants have become excellent pajamas and they're just as comfy and cozy as any other pj's might be.

My kids however grow quickly and enjoy fun pj' they have an over abundance of pajamas and look quite cute and cozy in theirs! Here's a few pics to enjoy. Tonight when you snuggle into your thankful for your pj's...what's the alternative!?!

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