Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Evangeline Kate -2 years old

Sweet Ginny Girl, how did you turn 2?!? I think I'm finally ready for you to be 1 and there you go turning 2 again. These years are going way too fast. I remember the night you were born, I remember the magic of your labor...what a sweet labor it was bonding your daddy and I together as he helped me through all my back pains. The joy of sharing it with one of the best friends I could have ever prayed for, thank you Lisa for sharing that magical day with us...for pushing end encouraging me to welcome Ginny into the world drug free!
Oh Ginny, Lisa found this song today and it makes me cry to think of you growing up. Happy tears of course, but sad too. I know I will never get these sweet moments back, never get the tantrums, the giggles and the love you have for only me and your daddy (and Lucy, Murray and Wiley). This song makes me think back to the night you were born, how alert you were! How I didn't stay awake feeding you or calming a fussy infant, but just snuggling you and staring into your alert little eyes!
Ginny you're 2! You're trying so hard to talk adding words to your repertoire everyday. You're active, climbing, running, jumping and wrestling with your big brother and sister. Things that take my breath away with fear as I watch you climb at the playground you do with what seems to be little effort. You're riding your scooter and push yourself along on your bike. Anything Lucy and Murray do, you want to try to.
You're becoming more and more independent, you express this with the world's greatest tantrums. You have opinions on where you sit at meals, what you wear, if you should have on a diaper and a myriad of other things.
You're such a joy to all of us Ginny. You test us with those tantrums, but the truth is you have your entire family wrapped around your finger. You love hugs, and kisses, books, and babies, cars, superheroes, legos and helping in the kitchen, or with the laundry.
You have such sweet relationships with Lucy, Murray and Wiley; each unique, but each so wonderful. It is obvious that you will have no shortage of friends as you grow up, because your siblings will always be by your side to cheer you on.
We love you Evangeline Kate, love your sweet laugh, those bright brown eyes and oh those dimples...they get me every time!
Today I will cuddle you a little longer and think back to the day you were born and how far you've come...but please oh please, just for today "don't ever grow up"!

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