Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Wiley-2 months old

I know I'm going to say this every month, but where had the time gone?!? It seems like just yesterday you were born, just yesterday I was snuggling you in a hospital room in awe that you were in the world.

Wiley, you're 2 months old.

You smile, you coo and you melt my heart each and every morning. You're a great sleeper, maybe even better than your brother was at this point and while I am loving the sleep that I get, it means that my quiet nighttime snuggles are becoming less often already.

You're getting BIG! We went to the doctor and you're in the 91st percentile for weight, weighing in at 13 lbs 12 oz (with your super cute cloth diaper on) and you're in the 53rd percentile for height measuring in at 23 inches.

You're starting to focus more on objects and faces. You like to make eye contact and then give a big smile. It's the BEST way to start the day. Your eyes are still blue and can light up a room.

Lucy, Murray and Ginny still love you to pieces. They like to read books to you and lay near you on the floor. You've starting kicking your legs a lot and moving your arms around. Lucy likes to lay near you and have you "kick" her to play. Murray likes to laugh with you and he certainly finds way to amuse himself when you're around...he just thinks your faces and movements are funny...especially when you stick out your tongue. Oh and Ginny. She just loves you to pieces. She has learned from your big brother though and likes to yell "boo" at you...but for some reason she doesn't scare you...I think this is a good thing.
You've started taking medicine to help your spitting up this month and it seems to work...most of the time, but you have had some epic spit ups. Often it makes it to your toes and beyond. Once this month you almost got daddy and mommy just laughed and laughed at daddy jumping back from your projectile spit up. You make mommy laugh lots, especially when you get me with your love (that's what I call your spit up).

We saw the urologist this month again. We're working on figuring out your kidneys little man. (I'll write more on that when I get my mind around it). Something isn't quite right, but it isn't holding you back. You're a strong little man Wiley and I'm thankful for that.

You're easy going. This month we traveled to Chicago, then to Wisconsin for a night, back to Chicago and home again. Just 2 weeks later we went back to Chicago for a few days. You are a great little traveler and not too fussy in the car. Whenever you do cry Ginny says "Uh-oh mommy, baby Wiley crying." She is very concerned that we stop and take care of you right away. 

You're a great little guy Wiley. We're so thankful for you each and every day. You bring so much joy to our family. We love being a family of 6, love that we're a "big" family now...and we couldn't be that without you. You make us better, you make us smile and laugh, you've made us grow in the time you've been here. We love you...and if you can, just hang on a little longer to staying itty bitty...don't rush it Wiley...we can't go back to this time ever again!

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