Monday, July 22, 2013

Tired of tired comments...

I was grocery shopping this morning when I ran into a parishioner, she made a comment that I only had half my kids with me and how cute they were (I had Ginny and Wiley with me at the time) and then said, "You look tired, are you tired?"
I'm not sure what I said in response, I think I mentioned we had been in Chicago this weekend and maybe I was still tired from the drive. Then the conversation politely ended and I continued on to pick out my deli items.
(I enjoy this parishioner, she is always kind and conversational, and she is not the only person to make comments about me looking if by chance she reads this...know this is not about this's just the conversation that inspired the blog.)
I couldn't help but think about this. Quite a few people have told me in the past few months that I look tired. A lot of times it's on days I haven't showered, or just put on a light amount of make-up before leaving the house. I've decided...that telling a new mom they look tired is basically calling someone ugly, or saying they did a poor job with their make-up today.
Am I tired? Absolutely. Would I deny it? Not one bit. But stop and think about why I am tired. I am tired because I haven't slept for 8 hours straight in well over 2 years. With the exception of possibly a few lucky times while pregnant. I get up in the morning to the demands of my job beginning immediately and I'm occupied for more than 12 hours straight.
Would I change a moment of this? Absolutely not! I wake at night to care for my baby. A baby that is a gift from God. A baby that I do not for one second take for granted. I wake at night to feed a healthy growing baby and I know women who would give anything to be doing the same thing.
I'm busy during the day caring for children who are curious, adventurous, energetic and healthy!! I asked for this. I want a large(r) family and the demands that come with it.
Am I tired? Yes! Will this pass? Absolutely! One day they will sleep through the night and I'll be the one shaking them awake in the morning...and when that happens I will miss the midnight snuggles, the kisses in the morning light as they wake me.
So, unless you're offering to take my children to the park while I take a nap...don't tell me I look tired...I know I'm tired and saying I look it really just means I need more make up...or a shower...and I think I'd rather you just tell me I smell (which could be a while different blog these days!)
And here's a cute picture of my 4 little blessings!
The top is Lucy and Murray in October of 2008 celebrating Reformation day and the bottom is Ginny and Wiley taken today for the start of the Synodical convention.

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