Thursday, July 25, 2013

Thankful Thursdays

I'm sitting on the floor of the dining room nursing Wiley and watching Ginny sit on her potty seat eating a graham cracker. Yes, the potty seat is in the dining room and yes, she is eating while sitting on it...I know, I know. Lucy and Murray are busy at the table making books and projects with glitter, markers, scissors and anything else messy they can find.
We were up late last night, and had short naps this afternoon...I am SO incredibly tired that my head hurts, when in that moment I am overcome with thankfulness.
I think to myself, "this is your life..." and then I think it again, and again. I never knew I could be so tired and have no sign of rest in sight, I never imagined I'd sit on a hard floor and feed my baby or watch my toddler potty train, or let my kids make such an explosion of a mess so close to dinner time...
But, then I think about it and I'm thankful. I'm feeding MY baby, milk is dribbling down his chin and it's food created from me to nourish his body. My big kids are creative, they're playing together and the brother/sister dynamic is at it's finest. My toddler IS potty might only be because she didn't want a diaper and I was too tired to fight that fight, but she sits on the potty and SHE PEES!!!
What could be better?
I'm thankful for these 4 gifts given to me and being able to watch them grow. I'm thankful for the lessons I've learned that have brought me to a moment to know that perfection is not needed, that life can be messy and strange, and that's ok. I'm thankful to share these everyday moments with the people I love more than I ever thought possible. I'm thankful Wiley doesn't care where I feed him as long as he eats...and I'm thankful that Ginny didn't pee on the floor.

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