Sunday, June 30, 2013

Wiley-One Month

One month! I can't believe it's been a month already. It's amazing how time passes so quickly, and yet so slowly at the same time.
One month. It's hard to believe that 1 month ago I looked at you for the first time. I can hardly remember a day when I didn't get to look at those sweet blue eyes, tickle your baby toes, touch your soft curvy ears, or kiss your cheeks. Oh those cheeks! Everyone who meets you comments on your cheeks, when Pop Pop visited he liked to watch your cheeks jiggle in the stroller or the car as we moved. You have the best baby cheeks around!

You've had a busy month meeting friends and relatives, your cousin Betsy and Owie Owie (Aunt Katie) and Uncle Tony came the day you were born to meet you. Grandma Koschmann was next to come for a week to help out. Then Grammy and Pop Pop drove in from Chicago and then since Daddy had to leave for Texas the day after you turned 1 month, Grandma Koschmann came back to help and brought Grandpa with her! Everyone has loved you and enjoyed your snuggles.
You're sleeping well, napping throughout the day and sleeping in 3 hour stretches at night. Sometimes you wake more often, but usually you let mommy sleep 3-4 hours at least once during the night.

You're my gassy make the funniest burps and tend to spit up more than your brother or sisters ever did, we don't mind though. Your brother laughs so hard when you burp and once you spit up all in Lucy's hair...we call that payback for whatever she's going to do to you as you grow bigger! You got her at least once already!
Speaking of your brother and sisters, they can't get enough of you. Just a few minutes after waking up someone is asking to hold you. Not a day goes by that you aren't smothered in kisses, hugged till you cry and lovingly held by them. They're spending a few days in Wisconsin and I know when they see you again they'll be over the moon!
Murray loves having a brother. He adores sharing a room with you and asks when you're coming to sleep each night, if you fuss and he hears you I find him talking to you and shushing you in the middle of the night in the sweetest way. I love watching this brotherly bond growing between you.
Lucy loves you! She takes so much ownership in caring for you and while she already has decided one day you will be annoying "just like Murray" I know she will always love you, besides, I have this hunch you two will be my blue eyed kiddos... She loves to kiss and hug you and I have seen her grow so much in her maturity in this past month.
Ginny...oh Wiley, you made my sweet Ginny girl into a big sister! It was so hard for me to imagine while I was pregnant what Ginny would be like to you. I was so afraid she would resent you, I spent many prayers asking for her to love you. Guess what! She loves you SO much! Ginny thinks you are the sweetest and likes to give you kisses and hugs as well as point to your toes, ears, eyes, nose and hair. I am going to really enjoy watching you two get into a rhythm together!
In your first month of life you've had 2 ultrasounds, multiple doctor visits and a VCUG...hopefully you're in the clear and you won't have to continue to get things checked out like this! If we're lucky, we'll be done soon and you won't even remember the discomfort you went through! Your most recent doctor visit was for your 1 month check up and you weighed in at 11lbs 4 oz measuring at 22 inches long! You've certainly been busy growing this month!
We love you Wiley! You are truly my gift from God. I thank Him everyday for letting me be your mama and our family is full of more love than I could have ever imagined because of you. You William Reinhardt have already done great things in one month of life, and I am certain you will do much more in your lifetime!

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