Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Swing Set Saga

We are having a GREAT week at our house! Nick's schedule has finally relaxed a bit and having him around makes all the difference for all of us! It's especially exciting because Sunday afternoon he started building the kids a new swing set. He bought the wood on Friday evening and Sunday he and Lucy started measuring and cutting while Murray took a 3 hour nap! (after a 3 day boycott this Mama enjoyed every quiet moment of that long nap!)

Yesterday Nick spent his day off finishing the cuts on the wood and began assembly. I know it's going to take awhile, but he already has the main structure up, it just needs the side walls and decking (piece of cake...right?). It's a rainy day today so he's working on building the ladder in the garage and then he said he'd go from there based on how hard it was raining and how cold it is...but I'm hopeful we'll at least have the tower portion for the kids to play in by this weekend!

I'm really proud of him! After such a busy month and he finally has some down time, not only is he taking the time to build a huge project, but the kids are helping...a lot! He's being so patient letting them ride bikes out by him or having them help with tools and drilling. There does come a point when he gets to work alone, but I know Lucy for sure will remember helping him build the new "park" as Murray calls it!

I'll post more about the swing set later...once it's done...

(Pictures of Nick's progress are on his facebook page...I'll try to post some if I can get at them on his computer)

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