Monday, May 16, 2011

The Girls' Room

This weekend I got a bee in my to speak anyway. I decided it was time to cross off one of the bigger projects we have to do before baby. I decided to paint the purple stripes in Lucy's room to match the new bedding my wonderful mother is making for the new baby. The purple was requested by Lucy and we figured since she's giving up a lot of her space adding a color to her room was not an unreasonable request. Plus, each of our other children had a room painted for them (although Lucy waited over a year for that)...but, we figured it wasn't an absurd request.

That being said, I decided I would use the stripes we painstakingly measured out as my guide and buy the fattest paint tape I could find (3 inches) and use that to mark/measure out my stripes. So, the purple stripes are rather large, but I like them and think they freshen up Lucy's room.

I did the task on Saturday night and Lucy slept in the guest room...I did it alone because Nick had a paper to write and a few other things I knew needed his really only took me about an hour to tape and a little more than the length of an old college favorite movie playing in the background to

Here's the outcome...

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