Thursday, May 12, 2011

My (not so) Green Thumb

This is our first week that the forecast is WARM ALL WEEK!!! It's wonderful! There has been rain, there's been storms in fact, but at least it's a warmer rain...a huge thunderstorm reminding me that summer is just around the corner.

Along with the summer I'm hoping to have a GREAT vegetable garden this summer. Filled with yummy things for us to eat as well as a few things to freeze as baby food for this little one to try when she grows big enough...her first foods will be a taste of the garden...even if she's tasting in the middle of winter!

That's the plan anyway...

I fight with our rocky dirt every year. This year I planned my attack much better. For my birthday Nick is making me a square foot garden to put on top of the garden space we already have. Problem solved! The good soil will be what the plants grow in and the rocky soil can stay just that...rocky! I am so excited! I even decided that this year I would get a head start on my growing. I bought a starter kit/greenhouse from Lowes and had all my seeds ready to plant. Lucy and I planted pumpkins, cucumbers, broccoli, carrots, sunflowers, and sugar snap peas. We usually buy our peppers and tomatoes already started and I decided just last week I think I'll give bush beans a try.

So, the 2nd week of April Lucy and I filled our started kit with dirt put the greenhouse lid on and waited (after watering as the directions suggested). Wouldn't you know it...the plants started to grow! I was so excited. I stuck in Popsicle sticks for the sunflowers and snap peas to grow on and thought...all I have to do is get them ready to be planted once it warms up.

Well, that's this week! It's warm! My garden isn't quite ready to go, but it will be in a few days or plants on the other hand....shriveled up...not so ready to go :(

I'm not sure if I moved them to the three season room too soon...if I gave them too much or too little water, but I'm super sad that I won't have a jump start on my garden. I'll give it another try though. Planting outside instead of starting with my kit...I usually get a few good plants that way...but I was hoping for much more this year. I guess I've proven yet again how not so green my thumb is. If anyone wants to give me some tips I'd be happy to listen!

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