Friday, October 12, 2012

Mackinac Island

Here are a few of the pictures from Mackinac Island. We really did have a fun time. All the kiddos on the bench are our friend's family minus their baby and of course Ginny. All in all we walked around the island with 7 kiddos most of the time, we were quite the crowd!

We walked up and saw the Fort Mackinac. We were sad it was closed, but enjoyed seeing it from the outside and it was a good hike up there. 

Of course we visited Murray's Fudge and brought home some sweets from there...I think I'm in LOVE with the mint fudge and the kids picked the orange cream. Yum! It was beautiful and cold as I said before and except for Monday morning we didn't take too many pictures...when I was with the kiddos we were too busy chasing kids around and on Wednesday morning when we wandered around town it was just too cold! The kids loved everything about the island though, the boat ride over, the no cars (although we were thankful to have borrowed a double stroller so they could take breaks from walking) and all the sights were lots of fun. 

Lucy did hike up to Skull Cave and was a little disappointed she couldn't go in and that it didn't actually look like a skull. (I'll have to get that picture from Mendy of her at the cave).  

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