Saturday, October 13, 2012

Gretta Muffin

One of my very dearest friends had a baby just over 2 months ago. Since before her arrival I've been thinking of what cute and unique baby gift I could send without spending a lot of money (hello...we live on a budget). Anyway, I hadn't thought of anything and every once in a while I'd get that pang of guilt that I was an awful friend. Enter a conversation with my friend where she explains they've been calling their baby "Gretta Muffin" so they want her to be a muffin for Halloween  Problem being, muffin costumes aren't easy to find and she doesn't have a sewing machine. Problem solved: a super cute, fun and useful gift I can create for this sweet baby Gretta! 

I used this as an inspiration, but tweaked it. I may still make a headpiece, but for's the Gretta Muffin!

I liked the "picket" type wrapper the inspiration had, but thought that sewing would add a little more dimension so we picked the most "muffin wrapper" stitch and went up and down the fabric. 

I used a 3 month shirt from when Murray was a baby to measure the shawl part and chose to only hot glue on the blueberries. I sewed the suspenders in the back and safety pinned them in the front so Mama can adjust to fit Gretta as needed. 

Here's the costume hanging...can't wait to see it on sweet baby Gretta!

One more of it together! The shawl can be trimmed if it's too big for Gretta and I used velcro as an enclosure for the back! 

I LOVE IT!! Can't wait to see pictures of little Gretta in it and I just wished we lived closer so I could take a bite out of the Gretta Muffin! 

Loved getting the creative juices flowing today...and I especially love I wasn't keeping my hubby from his homework while he entertained the kids (they were making their own "brand" of IPA while I sewed). 

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