Friday, March 23, 2012

Hair We Go....

Last weekend my baby sister came to visit. It was wonderful!! It's so rare we get time together just to hang out...and the kids just loved having her. The really love her!

On Saturday morning we decided to treat ourselves to haircuts....
and each donated about 7 inches! It was fun to go through such a drastic change together, and I've found it's always easier to make a huge haircut knowing someone else will benefit from it!

Here's a few "before" shots


and here are the "after" shots...

I look exhausted! Maybe I should start sleeping more...HA!

On a serious note...if you have an extra 6 inches of hair (or more) and want a worthy cause to donate's the website: 

We LOVE this place! They accept all hair and do not throw away any of it. Children get 1 free wig a year...and so much comes along with it! It's a great cause and a wonderful reason to sport a new do.

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