Saturday, March 10, 2012

Evangeline Kate 8 months old

8 months old! How are you 3/4 of a year old already?
I know, it's the same every month. I feel like just when I start to accept you're getting to be so big I suddenly have to think of you being 1 month older. I was just accepting that you were a 7 month old and now I have to tell people that you're 8 months old. 

Regardless of my desire for you to stay small you are indeed getting bigger. Here's a few things you've learned in the last month...

You have "go go gadget arms", just when I think something is out of your reach or you'll fall over grabbing it your arms get just a bit further and you can get that desired item. It's quite fun to watch!

You have started scooting with intention. You're not crawling yet, and you're not very fast, but between reaching with those long arms and hopping on your bottom you can make your way throughout the room to get to what you want. The first time you did this it was towards my glass of wine...hmmm...not sure what to think of that!

You're starting to be more vocal. I love listening to you jabber while playing, however I'm blaming your brother on teaching you how to spit and scream. The squeals are enjoyable, but the screaming to get me to pay attention to you...well, we may have to work on that ;)

You have definitely solidified your object permanence recognizing when a toy is hiding or I have walked out of the room. Sometime we use it this skill to play hide and seek...sometimes you just scream until you can see me again.

You're eating...just a bit...YAY! I really was starting to wonder, but just this past week you started swallowing some smushed banana and applesauce. You've also started chewing on small apple slices, a pretzel and a few veggies. It's not much, but it's a start and I'm sure you'll be eating like a champ in no may however prove to be even pickier than your brother and sister as infants though!

You are wearing 18 month I said, just slow down in the growing department!

You're hair is growing in fuller, thicker and darker! I may have a dark haired baby yet! Your eyes seem to be a bit darker most days, but they still haven't committed to a color yet. 

You love to people watch, get their attention and flash them a big toothy grin. You certainly know how to lay the charm on thick and everyone just loves it. You're still coming with me to Bible Study on Saturdays and those women just love you. You even came overnight on your first women's retreat last weekend. You were an absolute dream...I'm almost certain you didn't cry at all the entire time! (except in the middle of the night to be fed)

You're definitely a mama's girl. You hardly let anyone else hold you anymore and reach for me if they do. You love your daddy, but reach for me if it's anywhere near time for you to eat. 

We sure do love you Ginny girl! Lucy likes to check on how big your toes are growing and Murray just slobbers you with kisses. I'm excited to see how you are when you're more mobile and can interact with them more...however I'm willing to wait for that stage to come...there's just a few traces left of that sweet baby girl born last July so I'll cling to them as long as I can, I know when they're gone I'll have an exciting toddler in her place!

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