Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Yesterday it was just about time for Lucy to head to gymnastics. She was dressed and I was putting her hair up when Nick commented that he didn't have anything to take with him to do while he sat there for just over an hour. 

Nonchalantly I said "I'll go and read my book, you'll just have to try and give Ginny a bottle when she wakes up..." (then I chuckled). 

(Ginny will not take a bottle, so this wasn't really an option.)

Nick's response was "That's ok, I'll find something."

To which I replied, "You know one day I will be able to just get up and leave the house without checking everyone's schedules before I do so.."

Nick said, "I know, I'm scared for that day."

Just then Lucy chimed in "Yeah mom, you'll be like a Grandma then..."

Good to know my kids have confidence in my ability to be without them...

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