Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Sometimes it's easy to know what we're thankful for. 

Today I'm thankful for SLEEP!
 A good, old fashioned, almost sleep through the night type of sleep. Ginny is almost 7 months old, and we're still not sleeping through the night. 

It's ok, I don't mind...I enjoy the time I get with her in the middle of the night. Really. I DO.

I enjoy seeing her fuzzy little head illuminated by the night light. 

I enjoy listening to her snort and suckle as she eats. 

These are things I don't always see and hear in my busy house during the day. 

But, sometimes she gets up A LOT! For about 6 days she was up almost every 2 hours...that combined with my sore neck and fighting off a cold = exhaustion. 


I was going to bed before 9 and still waking up tired. 

Last night I put a sick little girl to bed. She had a runny nose, a cough (we had just done a breathing treatment) and a low grade temp. I figured I'd be up with her ALL NIGHT!

I prepared myself for another exhausting day.

it happened...


She slept from just after 10 until 2:30 am and then slept again until just before 7 when her big brother decided we should all wake up. 


I am so thankful for a night of sleep. A night that is enabling me to think complete thoughts. To remember the things on my to do list. To enjoy my day. 

We're still fighting colds. We're coughing, my throat hurts and there's lots of tissue using and hand  washing going on here...

But, my neck is better and I slept last night...with 1 very sweet visit with my baby girl!

2:30 am snuggles while we both fought a fever...we were one warm sweaty bunch sitting in the glow of the nightlight basking in the 4.5 hours of sleep we had just enjoyed. 


and so much to be thankful for...

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  1. Isaiah's max these days is 4 hours too... and then only rarely! And he's even older! Thankfully he seemed to fight off the cold I have much faster than I did. Pray you are all well again soon!