Friday, February 10, 2012

Evangeline Kate ~ 7 Months Old

You did it again! You just keep getting older...and bigger too!
Just this week I ordered you some new clothes in 18 month size. You think you're so big!

Oh Ginny girl, I can see it happening. Even though you love snuggling close to me and are very much still my sweet baby girl I can see in your eyes that you're beginning to understand the world around you. The way your brother can make you laugh...or cry. The way you reach for toys, the way you now reach for me when someone else is holding you. 

You're beginning to understand the way the world around you works...

You LOVE sitting up like a big girl playing with the toys around you. Just in the past few days you've started reaching for ones just beyond your grasp until you're up on your knees. So far it's always resulted in a face plant and tears, but I know that soon enough you'll figure out how to get to those toys and then our world will really change!

You love jumping in your jumparoo and the exersaucer. You become so animated after Lucy and Murray are in bed, talking up a storm and laughing at me and daddy. I think you enjoy the quiet of the house at that time...

We still can't get you to eat much. We offer food to you every night and you do everything you can to keep it out of your mouth. You much prefer snuggling and getting meals from me than a spoon (although you do love chewing on the spoon after you've sufficiently shaken food off of it!)

You're 2 bottom teeth have come in and you enjoy biting toys and occasional fingers. I can tell the top teeth are going to follow soon, but we'll see if you prove to get your teeth quick like your big sister or teeth forever like your brother :) 

You're starting to sleep on a more consistent basis. This is something I really appreciate. You take 2 great naps during the day and sometimes a little catnap after dinner. At night after staying up to play you like to sleep in a 5-7 hour stretch and then another few hours after that, starting your day between 7 and 8 am. The Koschmann girls certainly like to sleep in!

We love you Ginny girl. I think back often to that day 7 months ago when you entered our world...I think back often to a year ago when I could only dream about what my little girl would be like. God certainly blessed us with such a sweet little girl. I look forward to watching you grow while I cling to the time I have left with you as my sweet baby girl! We can only guess what the next month of adventure will bring!

**Pictures will be posted soon once I get them on Nick's computer and then uploaded. Check back soon for incredibly wonderful chubby thighs!

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