Tuesday, May 15, 2012

So Much to Post

So little time. 

A friend of mine likes to call every so often even if it's just for 5 quick minutes. Her reasoning is that it becomes too daunting to "catch up" if you haven't talked in too long. If you've heard the cliff notes version every so often it's easy to have a nice long catch up when time allows. You know the basics and can go from there, talking about what's really important and not just the facts of who, what, when, where....

I feel like my blog is in need of a 5 minute catch up or I may not pick it up again. 

We've been BUSY. We were sick and busy, we've been healthy and busy...now we're onto EXHAUSTED and busy! We went from Lent into Easter into Confirmation into a visit from Grandma and Grandpa from Albuquerque, into a few days to recover into a few days in Frankenmuth then we're home for a day and a half and the kids and I will head to Chicago for a week. 

Phew! It gets tiring just to write it. I'm looking for some quality relaxation in Chicago. The kind where the days are filled with fun without a schedule. Bike rides with my dad, walks to the library, ice cream after dinner, Portillos, and just sharing my childhood with my kids. 

I'm also hoping to catch up on some blogs. 

So...in the meantime, my camera memory card is saving lots of cute smiles and moments to be shared soon...except from Frankenmuth...since Nick's busy working I didn't bring the camera...one more thing to keep track of...besides, most of our time is being spent in the pool! 

Hope you're all enjoying your spring as well!

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