Thursday, May 10, 2012

Evangeline Kate: 10 months old

10 months old! You're into the double digits. I feel like you're no longer inching towards that first birthday, but with the goal in sight you're now boldly moving towards it. I keep joking that we're not having birthdays this year. You can celebrate your first birthday when you're 2 because I don't want my snuggly baby to be toddler just yet. 

You don't seem to agree and you keep growing and becoming more confident with each passing day. 

You still have a few lovely qualities for me to cling to. You still like to wake in the night to nurse. Truthfully, you just like to nurse. You like to snuggle close and know that I am near. I don't mind one bit. I'll trade all the nights out, the days of being able to leave you behind to know that you're near too. One day you'll tell me you don't need me with you, so I'll cling to this as long as you will!

You still only have 2 teeth. They're the cutest little teeth and their are many more that are so close to breaking through. They're just not there yet. 

As much as I enjoy thinking of you as my "baby", you're certainly growing up and I wouldn't want to mark you turning 10 months without acknowledging these "big girl" things you're doing. 

You've pulled yourself up to standing. It's not a sure thing, but you're definitely pushing yourself onto your feet while crawling and pulling yourself up to standing on a regular/daily basis. 

You crawl with confidence.
You're a girl on a mission. You know you can move with a purpose and you do so. You know what you want and you go after it. While you still sit back and observe your surroundings at times, you also know where you want to go and how to get there. A few of your favorite places to get into mischief are the kitchen cabinets, the art cabinet and the closet in the hear that door open and go straight for the toilet bowl brush...of course you do!

You're discovering your voice. It's like you woke up and realized you're a know you can scream and you know how to use it! You may know the sign for "more", but if you really want something a scream is much more likely to get the attention of multiple people who are able to meet your needs!

We've enjoyed some warm days going for walks and playing outside. You've seen the ducks and tasted your first taste of dirt (You are certainly "Boba's girl" in that department). You enjoy sitting in the swing or on a blanket and watching us be outside. You've tasted Daddy's BBQ and ICE CREAM! You couldn't get enough of that!

Oh how we love you. You love to pull Lucy and Murray's hair, crawl all over them and just laugh at their antics. You're such an amazing piece of our family and it's difficult to imagine life without you in it. People constantly comment on how cute you are, how sweet, how calm you can be. I just smile and say, yep, that's our Ginny Girl. 

10 months old Ginny! slow down...let's take these next few months nice and slow!

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