Monday, April 2, 2012

Lucy's Party

I remember turning 6...

I remember getting my ears pierced, my nails manicured for the first time (with a candle on them that glowed in the dark)  and I remember my party with my friends from school. Maybe this is what made me think that this year Lucy's party should be a bit more involved. Maybe it's that last year was her "golden birthday" and while we celebrated grandly it was in the midst of wedding celebrations and it didn't really feel like she got a day to herself. Maybe I wanted her to feel surrounded by friends since she spends so much time at home with the family. Maybe I just wanted to celebrate being a Mom for 6 seems like a milestone to me. Maybe it was that her and I were completely in awe of the party we saw on pinterest.

Maybe it was a little bit of all of these things. 

Either way her and I talked, plotted and planned for quite awhile. Then I got to work creating almost everything she dreamed of.

First off, the sewing. I am not the seamstress my mother is, but she did teach me to sew a straight line and a few other basics. About 17 phone calls and a few consultations with in town sewing friends and I had 21 adorable ruffles and the velcro they needed to be "mixed and matched" as the girls desired. 

A few iron on's later, the aprons and hats were complete. I must admit, my dear husband Nick helped with the iron ons for the hats! (He's the expert on printing and adhering iron on's at this house) I was the cupcake iron on expert ;)

The girls seemed to enjoy getting their ruffles just so, and in case you were wondering, by the time everyone had adjusted their ruffles "just so" they all had them in the same order: Polka dots on top, then the white cupcake fabric and pink cupcake fabric on the bottom. Lucy was quite the trend setter!

The decorations:
I wanted the house to feel like a bakery...I also wanted the girls to decorate to their delight and not to my dismay...SO we rolled up the rug and turned the living room, dining room into a bake shop. The only items purchase specifically for decorations were streamers, tissue paper for making the flowers and cupcake liners for the garland like we saw on the blog. It was just too cute to pass up on! The rest was created with items we had around the house! I thought it was sufficiently transformed. When Lucy and Murray went downstairs on party day their were ooh's and ahh's all around!

Oh, I also couldn't pass on the adorable "cupcake" party yard sign I found...I mean, I have 2 was an's amazing how many cupcake things I started seeing that I had to pass by...I'm still finding things just walking through stores!

The cake decorating and cake plates:

I made all the cakes from boxed cake mixes, but the frosting and fondant were made from scratch. Lucy picked the colors and we picked out the cookie cutters from our own collection together. I just crumb coated the cakes, figuring the girls were going to add enough sugar over top anyway. 

The cake stands were a bit trickier. The blog we looked at had a tutorial on making them from plates and candlestick holders. Easy enough, except I couldn't find candlestick holders anywhere! As a last ditch effort at the umpteenth store I had been to I found mini punch bowls. I brought them home and then bought clear plastic plates. We filled the punch bowls with Easter grass, got out the handy glue gun and a short time later, Nick had created 7 lovely cake stands. Not quite as impressive as the blog we were inspired by, but they were perfect for the day, and Nick promises the wider base actually made them sturdier for younger girls! 

After decorating cakes we opened presents and sang to the birthday girl "Lucille" as she's asking to be called these days! She requested a Barbie cake and I enjoyed making a fairly simple yet fancy cake for my birthday girl. 

The party was a blast for both of us, it was great fun to do together and I loved giving such a special memory to Lucy. 

I can't wait to eat the cake she decorated for her birthday! Yum!

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