Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Evangeline Kate is 9 months!

If I didn't want to record your growth somewhere I think I would refuse to do this month's post. You're not allowed to be 9 months...it's just TOO BIG!! and you are well aware of what a big girl you are!

Oh Ginny girl...one would have thought that when you started moving your brother and sister would have become annoyed with you and started being frustrated with you getting into everything. Exactly the opposite has happened. They fawn over you even more, share their toys and do everything they can to keep you safe (which does result in your tears frequently...but it's {usually} for your own good). 

A few things that you've accomplished in the past month:

You're crawling...officially crawling EVERYWHERE!

You've fallen down the carpeted stairs. I hate to admit this one, but it's true. You were just too quick and had a HUGE interest in figuring out what those things were for...we now keep an extremely close eye on you at all times...and gates are ready and waiting.

You're clapping. Just this past Saturday you started clapping. It's so much fun to watch and you get that proud look on your face when you do it. 

You've waved just a few times. We're pretty sure you learned this from your quick visit with cousin Betsy. But, we've seen it enough to add it to your repertoire of things you can do. 

Just today you pulled up to standing for the very first time all on your own (without immediately falling over). 

We still need to schedule your 9 month appointment, but we visited the doctor on Saturday (where we learned you had an ear infection) and discovered you were just over 21 lbs! That's a lot of baby to love...and man do we love you!

You're EATING!!! You prefer to feed yourself. That "spoon fed" phase was almost too short, so we try to sneak in a few meals every now and then, but you love to feed yourself pieces of avocado, banana, other fruits, and black beans might just be your favorite! 

Your hair is growing in thicker and darker, your eyes still seem to change colors in the light...still giving us those mystery eyes you've had since the day you were born!

You have a great belly laugh. It gives me such joy when your brother and sister get you laughing. They love to play with you and peekaboo type games can really get you going. You're still pretty quiet and mellow most of the time, but when you get laughing it's the greatest sound in the world.

You've also starting babbling more. We're hearing lots of "dadadadada" and a few "mamama". Aunt Katie swears you called out "Mama" the other day at dinner when you wanted my attention. I'll take that! I want you to know that we love to hear you babble and the sound of your voice.

We're so thankful you're a part of our family and we still feel incredibly blessed each day we get to share with you. We can't imagine our family without our sweet Evangeline.

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