Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thankful Thursday

I can't believe I missed last week...we did have a busy week, but's November and everyone is focusing on thanks and the lady who is thankful every Thursday apparently just forgot, or missed it...or most likely...didn't realize it was Thursday!

Well, today I'm feeling extra thankful.

Thankful for a warm cup of tea on a cold morning. I'm thankful for it's warmth, the pause it gives me in my day and the hint of caffeine it gives me...we did turn clocks back this week and Lucy doesn't quite seem to get that she should sleep just about 10 minutes longer every minute :)

I'm thankful for homeschooling. I love watching my kids learn and work together. Yesterday we used some letter beads to work on letter recognition. I had planned the activity for Murray, but Lucy wanted to join in. So...Murray spelled his name and Lucy worked on spelling our last can be a bit tricky sometimes! Watching them work together and get excited about learning is absolutely priceless! I'm so thankful that we made the decision to give them/us this time together.

I'm thankful for phone calls with my sisters and friends who live oh so far away. It doesn't make them live any closer, but it certainly makes the distance seem less. I so wish I could meet up for a cup of tea and some Betsy snuggles or shopping or all of the above, but at least I can hear how life in (fill in the blank) city is going. I've had lots of fun conversations this week. 

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