Friday, November 4, 2011

November Warmth

I can't believe how warm it was today! Relatively speaking that is...don't let Murray's short sleeves fool you. When I suggested he put a coat on his response was "It's ok Mom, don't worry about me, the sun will warm me up." I think he's been hanging around Nick too much!

It was a wonderful afternoon to get outside and spend some time with the kids, but I wanted to do more than just sit Ginny in the stroller. Then I remembered the baby swing. So, Ginny had her first swing ride way earlier than either of the other kids. She seemed content...not overly excited, just enjoying the ride.

The big kids and I played pirates and chased the octopus and evil turtle away so thankfully we won't have any invasions during the winter...whew!

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  1. Your back yard is full of exciting creatures :)