Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ginny at 3 Months

Wow! Time flies...can my baby really be 3 months already?!? 
While it seems like time is just flying by, she definitely seems to be growing and getting bigger much quicker than seems possible! We went to the doctor before our trip to Albuquerque and this sweet little girl was already just over 14 lbs (with clothes on!)

We opted for a few festive pictures in her candy corn leg warmers...
don't you just want to eat her up?!?

Here's a picture without the leg warmers...
just so you can see how adorable her legs are becoming!

What an amazing blessing this sweet girl is to our family. A few 3 month highlights:
Evangeline Kate is on the verge of sleeping through the night...even though she still wakes up a bit early to feed she likes to sleep late like her big sister (we'll take it!)

She's trying so hard to roll over; she gets up on her side and uses all her muscles to pull herself around. I think she'll be rolling over any day now!

She is full of smiles! This sweet baby girl wakes up full of smiles and gives them out to us all day long. She loves her brother and sister and will turn her head to see them in the room (Lucy was above her while I was taking pictures...making it hard to get her to look at me!)

Giggles are given less readily and reserved for super special moments. Getting this girl to giggle makes any day amazing! She has the sweetest, gentlest giggle and while we haven't experienced any "belly laughs" yet, I'm hopeful they'll be coming soon. Giggles are a special gift she gives us only occasionally :)

Overall Ginny is still an even keel happy girl! We can't imagine our life without her and she is brings so much joy to our family. It is not uncommon to hear Lucy or Murray complain that they haven't had enough time with her yet today. Lucy has even taken to calling her "My Little Pumpkin". What a loved little girl she is!

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