Saturday, June 25, 2011

Pirate Party!!

Murray Man is 3!!!
This year we decided it was finally time to let him celebrate with a party! A Pirate party it was! He's been really into a pirate show on Disney Jr. and Lucy really enjoys it as well so it seemed to be the perfect party for him and a few of his friends.
Aside from the fact that Murray woke up at 5:30 on the day of his party and didn't nap...the party was excellent. A tired Murray shed a few unnecessary tears, but hey, it was his party, so he could cry if he wanted too...right?

Our Party was complete with launching canons (water balloons) at an enemy Pirate, Pin the treasure on the map, an amazing treasure hunt complete with "loot" at the end, and of course some sword fighting. The kids had a great time and all got along really well.

The cake...ahh, the cake. I felt like Murray had not yet received a true, fun cake from me. His birthday last year was the day after we arrived home from our 2 week he had cupcakes quickly thrown together on a super hot day! I know he doesn't remember, but I do, and he's my little boy. Just because I'm tired and pregnant doesn't mean I get to skip his birthday. So...a Pirate cake I made. The first ship collapsed into 4 pieces (or more). It was a disaster to say the least. Apparently, really yummy, moist cake is not ideal for making a sculptured we went with less moist, still delicious cake for round 2. I think it turned out really well and the sails that Nick made really pulled it all together and gave it a personal touch.

Here's the end result:

It was a hit and the kids enjoyed looking at it more than eating it! Overall we enjoyed celebrating our little man turning 3. It's hard to believe 3 years have passed already, but our little Murray man certainly brings much joy and adventure to our lives daily.

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