Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Little Man!

Disclaimer...below are baby pictures of MURRAY...we did not have a baby... yet...

Can you believe it? Three years ago, this was the amazingly wonderful gift that was given to me. Three years ago I held this perfect 9lb 7oz baby boy and wondered what life would be like from that moment on. I always imagined if I had kids I would have a house full of boys. I'm not sure if it's because of the families I babysat for or just what I could far...Murray is the only boy God has blessed me to raise.

In three years Murray has certainly transformed our world, challenged our parenting and brought us more joy and laughter than we ever could have imagined as we gazed at that adorable "old man" baby face. What a difference our life has been with Murray as a part of it.

We certainly wake up earlier and with more gusto than we ever could imagine. We've learned that no matter how expensive, how much brain power, research or guarantee there is on a fridge lock...Murray can, and will conquer it. I've learned that eating like a hobbit is a very real way of fact...eating like an elf can be as well...and syrup goes good on everything...or is great on it's own. I've learned more about fructose, sugars and digestion than I ever could have imagined.

I've learned that little boys will find or make cars and guns out of anything...and the noises that go along with this play are fascinating. I've learned that "playing rough" doesn't mean your tough all the time. I've learned that snuggles from a little boy will melt my heart, and a sweet kiss can make us both giggle.

I've learned that the task can seem daunting to raise you to be a kind and loving man while not squashing your brave and strong spirit. I've learned this is a task that takes not just a mom and dad working together, but much dependence on God to guide us!

I've learned what living with someone who likes things a particular way can be like (sorry Nick or anyone I've lived with for my need for routine and things to be just so). A broken cracker, cookie, banana, apple can ruin a perfectly good snack or even the entire day.

I've learned what it's like to truly love a little man, and while there are days you push my buttons and your own limits, a day DOES NOT go by that I do not thank God for the gift HE gave to me in you.

I can't believe how big you are...soon you'll be off to school, driving, headed to college and telling me you've met a girl you want to marry. Oh how I hope those days are full of happiness for you...and I maybe hope just a little that you have a little boy just like you someday!

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