Sunday, March 30, 2014

Wiley-10 months old!

10 months old! Wow! Even though I didn't let you turn 9 months old (there was no 30th last month, so I forbid it),  you just kept growing, so I agreed that today you could turn 10 months old. I mean, it would be odd to celebrate your first birthday in June and since you insist on growing, I guess i can't fight it...

So, 10 months old. I have pictures to post from previous months, really I do! You my dear child are such a joy these days. You are into everything, into cabinets, drawers, stairs, standing at the window, lifting the toilet seat multiple times a day (potty training Ginny has been a whole new experience with you around...I'm pretty sure my boxing out is NBA worthy...or at least March Madness worthy).

You still only have 8 teeth...ha! only! They are bigger and sharper and you use them so well, you use them while nursing, on my shoulder, on my legs, on the high chair, oh and for food as well...

You are crawling EVERYWHERE! You're fast too! You are standing. The big kids all clap for you and get so excited when you stand on your own. You're close to taking steps...Daddy and I call it falling with style. You just can't get the balance and speed thing under control yet, but soon you'll be cruising. You're already cruising around furniture and one of your favorite places is at the front window looking out at the sky and playing with the dollhouse. I can't wait until the leaves are on the trees and you get to see something bright and beautiful out the window and experience warmth outside! It's been an incredibly cold winter. 

Your smile is amazing. Your eyes light up when you see any of us and it is such a joy. 

Your personality is complex. You have a quietness about you, but you are also fierce and incredibly stubborn. We certainly know what you want. 

This month has brought on your first double ear infection :( But you've handled it like a champ. You also have graduated to only wearing your helmet at night and we love seeing your hair again! Soon we'll check on your kidneys and we continue to pray for them to grow healthy and strong. 

Your siblings adorn you with love. They are so good at playing with you, making you laugh and engaging you in different types of play. You have almost given up on the baby toys, trading them in for super heroes and doll house characters (including Mickey and princesses). 

You're eating great! We've traded in most of the baby food for finger food, although we try to get some baby food in to pack in the calories so you sleep better (I'm starting to notice a difference with that!). You are a super fast nurser these days, not wanting to miss the world around you, but still snuggle in when you're tired and ready to sleep. 

I am SO enjoying watching you grow. I think back to the itty baby you were not too long ago and I am amazed to see that baby melting away and a toddler slowly appearing in front of me. I say slowly, but it is in reality happening way too fast. 

Slow down sweet boy. Let me enjoy a few more months of snuggles before you get too fast for me. I love you little man and can't wait to see what adventures this month will bring us!

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