Wednesday, March 26, 2014

What I love about my littles


Chubby little hands that grab my fingers while he nurses and my pant legs while he struggles to stand on his own. 

Smiles from across the room and his eyes that light up as he crawls toward me. 

The look of mystery on his face as he puts something in his mouth to discover if it's delicious or what it feels like. 

That little toothy grin.

His hair. Oh his hair. Taking the helmet off and seeing his hair. 

Little toes, chubby thighs and rosy cheeks. 

Raspberries for kisses. 

The way he eats, the way he thinks about it, chews it and decides if it's good or not.

Reading books and tasting them.

Standing at the window, barely peeking out and staring into the sky.

Headbutts for love.

Now onto Ginny:

Her slimy, sweet and affectionate kisses on my cheek or as she grabs my face and kisses my lips. 

Her laugh, that infectious laugh. 

Her stories, her explanations of the world around her. 

Her singing and dancing. 

Her need for dresses, to be in something sparkly and beautiful. 

Her love for praying and her siblings. 

Her desire to do whatever I am doing.

Being close to me, wanting to mimic my every move. 

Her joy in the little things of everyday.

Her emotions when something doesn't go her way. 

This is my list. My list of things that I will miss when my littles grow beyond today. Because I see it slipping away, but in my state of exhaustion I sometimes let myself get caught up in the hard stuff, the tantrums, the teething, the runny noses and the "I DO ITs!" of the day, and I'm afraid I'll miss these last moments I have with these littles. Soon enough they'll be as big as my bigs and I'll be sending them to school and I will love the new adventure, but I will miss these moments of cuddling and growing every moment together. 

So, today, on a hard day I am writing a quick list in a brief moment of quiet, of the things that I LOVE about the right now. About the hard day at home, so I remember to cherish it, to take it all in, before they move on to whatever comes next! 

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