Friday, August 30, 2013

Wiley-3 months old

Another month has flown by! I can't believe how busy August was an how much you've grown yet again! You're smiling lots and lots now. Smiling at daddy, your siblings and me when we talk to you. Lucy, Murray and Ginny love when you make faces or coo back when they talk to you. It just makes them giggle in delight. 

You're getting longer and bigger it seems, and just this week before you turned 3 months you ROLLED OVER! I can't believe it!

This month we had a busy month. You came and helped me be on the welcome team at VBS. Lucy and Murray attended VBS and Ginny played in the nursery. All the ladies loved seeing you, and they were amazed at how easy going you were.

Daddy went out of town for a few days and you were super great while he was gone. Making things a bit easier for me to hold down the fort.

We vacationed to Traverse City. Once again you were a trooper in the car and you loved all the outside time in the shade watching the trees blow in the wind and falling asleep whenever you needed and then just waking up happy again.

To say you enjoy getting a diaper change is an understatement. As soon as we place you on the changing table you start kicking your legs and smiling at us. I don't think you've ever cried while getting a diaper change (unless someone pokes you in the eye or headbutts you...yes, that does happen, I'm sorry Wiley, it's the pains of being baby #4).

You're sleeping pretty much through the night. You usually get up around 4 or 4:30 for a quick feeding and then go back down until 7 or later. Since I'm feeding you between 8 and 9 pm for your last feeding, I'd say that's as "through the night" as I can ask for at 3 months old! You're a super eater and a super sleeper :) It makes me happy to feed you and know you're growing so much from what I'm making for you.

Oh that smile and your sweet disposition. You're just a go with the flow baby and we LOVE having you around. We call you "Smiley Wiley" a lot and sometimes I've been calling you "Wy guy". I can't imagine life without my little snuggler a part of it. This next month looks like it will be just as exciting as the last few and we can't wait to live each day with you in it. 
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