Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Wiley-5 months old!

It seems like every time I blink it's time to write yet another monthly update on Wiley! Oh, smiley Wiley, you're another month older, you're learning more tricks and becoming more interactive with each passing day. We went to the doctor just the other day for a nasty cough and ear infection you've had and you're 18 lbs already! Growing every chance you get.
You're rolling over now. You don't like to show it off much, but we often leave you in a room and come back in to find you 5 feet away from where we left you, a few times you've rolled off the carpet and knocked your head on the wood floors. You're not too far from "getting around" and we're excited and anxious for what adventure that will bring.

You're a pretty great sleeper. You still have nights where you're up often, but most nights you visit with mommy just once and you fall back asleep quickly.

You've stolen everyone's hearts. Ginny lovingly calls you "MY Wiley" and both Lucy and Murray snuggle you and talk to you when they're home from school. Daddy and I can't imagine life any other way.

5 months old little man...this year is going WAY too fast for me! We've packed away the 6 month clothes and you're solidly wearing 9 month and a few 12 month outfits! You're so tall, and everyone we meet comments on how big you are! You're holding yourself up nicely, trying to sit  by yourself with someone behind you...Lucy LOVES this job, and hanging out in the exersaucer.

We took you to get your head measured this month. You have a little flat spot in the back, so you'll be sporting a helmet soon so when you get bigger you'll have a perfectly shaped head.

We love you to the moon and back little man. Slow down...because the next stop is 6 months old and then you just keep getting closer to your first oh man slow down!

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