Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Salt and Vinegar

When I was pregnant with Ginny I tasted salt and vinegar potato chips for the first time...they were to say the least one of the most delicious things I had ever tasted as a pregnant lady. I was at a friend's house and politely ate a small serving with my sandwich. The next time I was at the store I bought myself a bag figuring I'd indulge at lunch every once in awhile...well, a few hours later the bag was empty and I went back to the store for some more later that week. 

It became a joke at our house to see how long the bag would last...totally out of character for me to indulge in such a junk food, but at the time when keeping food down was a challenge something that tasted good and remained where I put it was a welcome change. 

The kids hated the smell of the chips, just opening the bag would send them running...and Nick didn't love it either. When we went to a hotel and were overcome by a strong vinegar cleaning odor Murray cheerfully said "Mommy, it smells like your chippies in here!" 

Once Ginny was born I didn't allow myself to purchase a bag...EVER. So, I don't know if I actually only like the chips pregnant...I was always too afraid I'd eat the whole bag in 2 days again...something ok when you're pregnant, but NOT when you're trying to lose the baby weight!

So this October when I found out I was expecting the chips suddenly started calling to me at the store once again. I resisted...for many months I resisted, telling myself I didn't really like them...didn't really need them. Then one day about 2 weeks ago I just couldn't resist anymore. They were on sail again and they found their way into the cart. 

When I arrived home I hadn't even unloaded all the groceries before I opened the bag. The kids eagerly ran over to see if they could get a few chips, a rare treat at this house...until they got close enough to smell them...and then they turned up their noses and walked away from the bag...all of them EXCEPT Ginny that is. She happily reached into the bag and started eating the chips and came back for more. The chips have become a weekly purchase once again, but this time I can't say I've eaten the entire bag on my own...if left within her reach Ginny has often been found breaking into the bag and eating some chips at all hours of the day. Guess it's true that pregnancy cravings continue in the child...Lucy does love sausage and mandarin oranges and Murray can't get enough salad or pb&J...wonder what this little boy will love like that?!? Maybe salt and vinegar chips and mashed potatoes!

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