Friday, January 18, 2013

Quiet Giggles

On Friday mornings Nick walks Lucy to school and then takes Murray into work with him so he can spend the morning at preschool. Ginny and I are left home in the quiet...that's right...quiet. 

We often find ourselves going back up to my big bed with a bucket of books and snuggling and reading for a chunk of the morning. We then get up for a snack and do some playtime. Some quality mommy,Ginny playtime. This morning it was tents. She hid in them and played peekaboo, I stuck my hands in and tickled her toes and chased her around for almost an hour of giggles and hiding and just plain toddler fun. 

We watched the garbage man take the garbage away, we shared a few secret jelly beans and played with her baby doll. It was a glorious morning. 

Then she started watching out the window, pointing at cars and people passing. I looked at the clock and noticed on a normal Friday Nick and Murray would be coming in the door to share lunch with us and our quiet would end. Today, Murray was joining Nick at the junior high for lunch and we were on our own. So we made some lunch and sat at the table. Sharing a conversation full of "yum" and "more" and other chatter. 

It was in the midst of this lunch that I said to Ginny "I think it's going to be very quiet around here next fall with just you and a baby brother around." and then I chuckled. I laughed because it would be true, with two big kids off at school it will seem quiet and calm around the house...but the reality is that it will still be very full. Full of giggles and a crying infant and lovely moments of life. 

So we're just enjoying our last few moments of quiet around here before the boys come home and it's time to settle down for nap. 

Hope you get a few good giggles and snuggles today.

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