Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Moment of Silence

A rare treat on a Tuesday evening, Nick took the kids to run to Meijer for ice cream and beer...it's just one of those days...really, it's just one of those months. I'm so excited for the warm weather. The kids have needed to be outside for over a month and now that it's been an almost daily thing (since Sunday anyway)...they're exhausted! Tired, crabby and WHINY!!! I think it's just an adjustment period. They don't quite know what to do with all the fresh air.

As for the adults in this house, we're just a bit busy and looking forward to May. Well, I'm looking forward to this weekend and then May when I perhaps might see my husband more than in passing! Something about April just piled up on us!

This weekend I'm planning two huge events...and two things I'm super excited for...it's just a lot for 1 weekend. On Friday/Saturday we're having our spring Mom to Mom sale. I'm super excited to look for stuff for both kids and even the new baby! (Yep, we can't store both boy and girl clothes, so we started giving away to people who needed...the girl clothes went first...oops...oh well...I'm not worried, the child has cute cloth diapers to hang out in if nothing else!). Lucy's response to the Mom to Mom sale "It's the best day of the year!" I think b/c we usually give her $1 to buy a toy!

Saturday I'm leaving the sale early to take a train with Lucy to Chicago. Here I get to co-host a baby shower for my big sister! What an exciting time! I'm super excited to see her and some friends and Lucy gets to have a sleepover all by herself at Owie Owie and Tony No Hair's house! The shower is Sunday morning and then by 6pm Lucy and I will be back on a train to Michigan. By midnight on Sunday we should be arriving at our destination and my whirlwind will be over...Nick's will just be beginning (Sunday is Palm Sunday you know). Once Nick survives Easter he has confirmation weekend to prepare for complete with a youth service! Whew...April will vanish before we know it. We're hoping for a relaxing May...so unless it involves no planning, and relaxation don't ask us to join you in May!

It may be a busy month, but we're fairing well. It's all things we enjoy and are looking forward to, so that makes the things that are getting neglected worth neglecting (please don't come to my house this week!) I'll try to do my usual posts tomorrow and Thursday...and we've really been enjoying this warm weather and our time with family this month...it just all seems to happen at the same time!

I think I'm going to go sit and put my feet up and begin assigning tables for the sale while the house is quiet for just a few more minutes! Hope you're all enjoying the spring weather.


  1. Can't wait for the Mom 2 Mom either!!

  2. Don't worry, the new baby will have cute clothes to wear, Nona has already been scoping out some super cute outfits for her two new nieces! Tom doesn't know it yet BUT he approved an unlimited budget :)